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Debating Afghansitan

Posted in Issues, U.S political news by politicalily on December 22, 2009

Recently President Obama announced he would send 30,00 troops to Afghanistan. I want to give a shout out to debate. The topic we are currently debating is the troop increase in Afghanistan. Debate is exponentially fun and teaches great life skills. I assure you the abilities you learn in Debate come in very handy almost everyday. Debate is without a doubt the best sport. Yes, debate is a sport.

Okay, enough about debate lets get back to Afghanistan. I am generally against war, but in this case I believe a troop increase is the best and only option. We obviously cannot keep the status quo as it is doing us no good and a troop withdrawl would be devastating. The only option left is too increase troops and that is what we are doing. We need to stop focusing our attention on wiping out the Taliban and Al Qaeda because they will simply go elsewhere and attack us from there. We need to put our money and manpower into helping the Afghani people become self sufficient. Once that happens people will stop turning to the Taliban for a good paying job. I think there needs to be five goals 1) Build hospitals and supply medical facilities 2)Build schools and improve the education system 3) Pave roads 4) Provide  farmers with  alternatives to growing poppies 5) Supply rural villages with electricity and water.

I think we need to especially focus on goal number 3, paving roads. If we pave the roads not only will it make delivering aid to villages easier, it will make the danger of IEDs moot. Think about it, you can’t plant an explosive in cement. Paving roads would save many civilian and American lives. Even Vice President Joe Biden agrees with me. When he was still only the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Biden stated “More troops are needed in Afghanistan,” he called for greater focus on basics like roads and power plus giving the military cash for quick projects like digging wells. Maybe my ideas aren’t so crazy. After all, the Vice President of the United States agrees with me. If we increase aid and focus our manpower on improving the lives of the people of Afghanistan I believe we can once and for all conquer terrorism in the region.

Finally, I want to address the political implications of President Obama’s decision. Barack Obama is one smart cookie! If you read my blog on compromise you’ll know I advise it. Well, Obama took my advice and compromised. He gave the Republicans a troop increase, but not as many as they wanted. And to the Democrats he gave a timeline, but said if necessary he would keep the troops there for longer. By combining the best of both party’s ideas he gave his country a plan we could all agree on. 58% of Democrats approve of his plan and so do 55% of Republicans. I applaud President Obama for reaching across the aisle and making a decision that makes everyone happy. President Obama’s plan is beautiful in terms of the political ramifications and will get the job done!

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