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The Fight for Democracy

Posted in World Political news by politicalily on March 7, 2010

I have always opposed the war effort in Iraq and have been skeptical of our reasoning for being there, but that aside I want to congratulate the Iraqi people on today’s step towards growing and continuing their democracy. I believe we, the American people, need to look to them for inspiration. Millions of people risked their lives just to cast a vote today. The people of Iraq know what it is like to suffer without democracy and value the protection and promise that  democracy brings. We here in America have for all too long taken this promise for granted. The gridlock and partisanship are endangering the quality of our democracy. We need to set our opinions and grudges aside and work on keeping our country functioning to the best of her abilities. We need to start allowing our system of government to beginning working for us instead of against us. Because right now the petty bickering on Capital Hill is allowing our long and great system to defeat us, but if we start to compromise and  begin to pass real laws and reform our system can once again proudly be called the greatest in the world.

Even though I am too young to cast a ballot I want to address those of you who aren’t. Value your vote, be proud of it and don’t ever take in for granted. The voters in Iraq risked life and limb to have their voices heard, is it really so hard for you to give up some of your lunch break? Don’t ever skip voting out of laziness or indifference you have the right to have your voice heard, that right is your most important so use it. People across the world and throughout history have fought and died for the right to have their voices heard by their governments all you have to do is vote.

I know that the mid-term elections are still months out, but you need to be thinking about them now. When you are in that voting booth,and this applies to any election, only recall the facts. Think about the policy decisions and the opinions of those whose names are printed on your ballot, think about the actions they have taken and the words that they have spoke, try to forget the mud-slinging and name calling and meaningless propoganda because unbiased facts are solely on what you should base your consequential decision. And in the mid-term elections I’m begging with you not to just take your troubles out on those who are in office. While most Americans want to blame their problems on the Democrats because they are in power, the Republicans are just as much to blame. The Republicans have stopped or delayed most of the bills Democrats have tried to get through Congress that would deliver much needed help to the American people. The Republicans have stopped these bills from becoming law out of spite and petty anger rather than reason. The Republicans seem to have quickly forgotten which party got the country into the mess it is in. Also, if we replace Democrats with Republicans the traffic jam of politics will only get worse and that would surely have devastating effects that would echo from coast to coast.

To sum this all up, be proud and grateful of our democracy and do everything in your power to keep it healthy and working smoothly so that everyone feels its extensive and resounding effects.