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Lily’s First Political Action Experience

Posted in Lily's Road to the White House, message to readers by politicalily on March 10, 2010

Politics is definitely where I am supposed to be! Last night I spoke at the Des Moines School Board meeting in support of band and music education. They are thinking of cutting band from elementary schools and limiting art and music education k-12. While this is a very troubling issue I hate to say it, but I had so much fun speaking! Many people have commended me for speaking up at the meeting and I feel I will soon become addicted to political activism. The feeling that you have said what the whole community is thinking and have represented hundreds of people is the best feeling in the world! . I just wanted to share with all of you my first real political experience because I feel it is very exciting. I am now one baby step closer to the White House! If you too want to stand up for music education and are in the Des Moines area please stop by the capital tomorrow between 8:45 and 11:45  A.M we need all the support we can get, thank you!


Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild. . .

Posted in General, Lily's Road to the White House by politicalily on December 25, 2009

Today is Christmas day  so I’ll keep it brief, peace. One of the main messages that appears around Christmas time is Peace on Earth. I think this is a message that people of every faith should keep in mind all year round! From the war in Afghanistan to the bitter partisanship on Capitol Hill, peace and love are something everyone could work on. So as you get back to business after the holidays keep in mind the messages of Christmas, peace and love for all the earth!

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Welcome to Politically Speaking!

Posted in Lily's Road to the White House, message to readers by politicalily on December 20, 2009

Hi I’m Lily Nellans and however you happened upon this blog, today is your lucky day! First, let me tell you a little bit about myself; one day I am going to be President. I know a lot of kids say that, but this one really means it! I have a passion for all things politics that can’t compare! This blog is the first step in what I call “Lily’s Road to the White House.” I figure I have to start somewhere and spewing my views on the most current political news stories seems like an okay place to start. This should be fun for me and for you, my readers. I can’t promise I wont be biased or a little opinionated, but I can promise that I will try to keep an open mind. On that note, LETS START BLOGGING!!!