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Healthcare! Healthcare! Healthcare!

Posted in Uncategorized by politicalily on March 22, 2010

Paper for making copies of the healthcare bill: a lot, Enacting the healthcare bill: a lot more, Making History: Great, Making Sure Every American Gets the Healthcare They Need: Priceless

Ahhhhhh Finally! Healthcare reform has passed, well for the most part. Press secretary Robert Gibbs at the briefing today told reporters that the Senate would take-up House-passed healthcare fixes “at some point this week,” he went on to say, “ look healthcare’s going to become law tomorrow. I can’t speak to all of the amendments or all of the shenanigans that will be tried on Capitol Hill over the course of the next many days. But we’re confident this process is coming to an end.”  While there are still many details to be worked out today should be a day for all Americans, minus Capitol hill Republicans, to celebrate. As a whole healthcare reform is as good as passed and this country can move forward on the path to making certain every U.S citizen has access to affordable health insurance. Some say we still have a long road ahead of us, but that road is merely a small fork off of the main street that is healthcare reform. Our journey along this main road has come to an end after a long and arduous trek that  began nearly a year ago. This is a great victory for the American people as well as capitol hill Democrats and the President. President Obama finally accomplished his mission to bring desperately needed reform to the healthcare system after first announcing his intentions almost three years ago in Iowa City, where he is rumored to be returning this Thursday. The President’s approval rating should begin to rise and if everything with healthcare stays on track Democratic incumbents should be more successful at retaining their seats in the upcoming mid-term elections. Despite claims from Republicans I believe that most Americans wanted healthcare reform to become a reality and there are many people who desperately needed it to become a reality, and now it has. It is truly a great and historic day for our country!


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