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The Legislative Playground

Posted in General, Politicians by politicalily on February 22, 2010

I often read a variety of stories to get ideas for my blog. Today while doing this I notice that there weren’t many stories containing a whole lot of substance ,in essence the stories were just a lot of back and forth bickering between politicians and their parties. I believe the egregious partisanship that is taking part at capitol hill and across the nation is one of the largest threats facing the health of our great country.

I am currently taking a basic government class and have studied in-depth the roots of our nation and the principles that it was built on. The United States Government was and will hopefully continue to be a work of art. The ideas and beliefs that shaped our country should still be what our government is based on, but sadly I feel they are not. Politicians nowadays spend more time and money trying to figure out how to better themselves then how to better the country that they serve. If you listen to an interview with almost any politician, regardless of their party, you will hear them talk about why the opposing party is always wrong, why their party is always right, and why they themselves are at no fault for any problems our nation is facing. Almost never do you hear them really give concrete evidence as to why they are right and they seem to never really get to the meat of an issue. I myself want to be a politician and respect everyone who considers themselves to be one, so I am not going to refer to any of the awful stereotypes about those in the business of politics, but the mean and petty manner in which a majority of politicians behave themselves today is sickening and makes one recall recess in elementary school.

The state of our national legislature is deeply troubling if the founding fathers knew how it was operating today I would be horribly ashamed and embarrassed. True the legislative process is a long and complicated one, but it doesn’t have to be as harrowing as we make it. The  legislature that the founding fathers envisioned was a strong, powerful, and efficient one whose goal was to produce high-caliber bills that bettered America and her citizens, todays legislature  is a mangled and  barely recognizable version of the one the founding fathers sought. The reason that the legislative process is complicated is so that only extremely high quality bills that would greatly benefit the American people and bring about real change would become laws. Instead, we get watered down bills that are weak and  in the end don’t change anything. Because of this we will never be able to effectively solve our nation’s problems or move our country forward.Because so few are willing to compromise when it comes to making laws we get a devastating gridlock and very few effective ,high quality bills ever get passed. Without an end to the partisanship plaguing our capital problems such as, terrorism, healthcare and the economy are never going to get fixed. Those in the political arena need to start getting along and start acting more like adults operating our government rather than third-graders in the school yard. Along with making a giant leap towards bipartisanship I think it is time we take a step backwards, or forwards depending on how you want to view it, towards the government that our founding fathers envisioned because that government was nothing short of genius.


Quote of the Day

Posted in Uncategorized by politicalily on February 16, 2010

During a town-hall meeting at an all-women’s college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Secretary of State, Hillary  Rodham Clinton, was asked whether she would consider moving to Canada or Russia if Sarah Palin is elected President.. Amused, Clinton replied “Well, the short answer is no. I will not be emigrating, I will be visiting as often as I can.”

This is Great! If you’ve been following my blog you now I nurse somewhat of a grudge against former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin because of this I find Clinton’s response nothing short of genius. Some say that Palin has a good chance of winning the GOP Presidential nomination and then the presidency, if this unfortunate prediction comes true Secretary of State Clinton I will see you in Canada!

Get Better President Clinton!

Posted in Uncategorized by politicalily on February 11, 2010

Earlier today former President Bill Clinton was admitted to the hospital with chest pain and  he is undergoing surgery to have two stints put in place. I wanted to let him know that we are all behind him and wish him well. Get well soon President Clinton!!!