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The President’s State of the Union

Posted in Politicians, U.S political news by politicalily on January 28, 2010

WOW! Barack is back! The President was his usual exceptionaly eloquent self and displayed remarkable political skills. I believe last night’s State of the Union is probably the best speech President Obama has ever given. If you want to know more about the best features of the President’s speech simply replace every “The President needs to” with “The President did” in my previous post. If you haven’t heard the full address I highly suggest finding a video of it and watching that video. President Obama’s first State of the Union was genius and a work of art!

The President’s address was the perfect mix of offense and defense. He addressed issues, such as the Massachusetts election, that are of political importance today. He defended his policies and his party and artfully reminded the Republicans whose fault all of our economic woes really are. His speech will really resonate with “main street” America. The President showed all of us that he cares more about the middle class than the fat cats. He strayed away from vague messages of hope and change and supplied detailed examples of what we are going to do. The American people will respond well to these details. The President responded to attacks that he cares more about healthcare then the economy by focusing on the economy and spending a relatively small amount of time discussing health insurance reform. Though he didn’t make healthcare the focus of his speech he promised that he would not be giving up on reforming our healthcare system, this was an amazingly artful way to handle a controversial issue like healthcare. After doing some damage control the President switched to the offense. The President surprised many people by throughly discussing green technology,energy and jobs. This is a excellent move on his part because it appeals to many people. Green energy helps the environment and provides jobs, two things most Americans want to happen. He also discussed plans for Iraq and Afghanistan that appeal to members of both parties. The President discussed many, many other issues, but I would rather discuss the overall tone of his address. The President’s address will unite Democrats and appeal to Republicans. He scolded both parties for the bitter partisanship and pleaded for it to end. He reassured Democrats that he is not giving up and that neither should they. Plus, I’m sure all Democrat’s in attendance enjoyed the backhanded jabs at Former President Bush. Though the Presidents’s address was somewhat partisan he also made a, what I consider to be succesful, attempt at reaching out to Republicans. He discussed issues, such as TORT reform and off-shore drilling, that are generally favored by Republicans and opposed by the President’s party. The President’s address also appealed to me because of the expertly placed doses of humor. The President’s speech was like a perfectly prepared Julia Child recipe, it was made up of all the most perfect ingredients and the end result was absolutely delectable!


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