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Lily’s State of the Union

Posted in Uncategorized by politicalily on January 28, 2010

I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the State of the Union Address which will begin in a little over two hours, exciting! The political atmosphere is turbulent and what the President says has the possibility to calm it or simply stir it up. President Obama needs to  show the American people he is more than just an articulate speaker. The President must allow his skills in policy to overshadow his oratory skills. Americans know he can make a good speech, but they are growing wary of his ability to be a good president. The President needs to veer away from his hope and change message because people are beginning to view it as an empty promise. He needs to reassure main street that he is and will advocate for them. He needs to discuss job creation and lay out an exact and precise plan that will cause the unemployment rate to plummet. He must also present a plan that will greatly reduce the national debt without completely limiting the government’s capabilities. President Obama should also speak about his plan in Afghanistan as well as his plan to combat terrorism because these are areas in which he has had some success. If the President can show that he has done something significant that has benefited the country he will be rewarded with a slightly higher approval rating.  President Obama’s Sate of the Union needs to unite Democrats and it needs to have a bipartisan message that demonstrates a willingness to work with Republicans. If the President can make his speech artful and inspiring while laying out a detailed plan to solve every single one of the nations problems I’m sure everyone will have a positive reaction. Just Kidding! He should be artful and inspiring, but he only really needs to lay out a detailed plain to save the economy to receive a positive reaction. President Obama is more likely than not extremely nervous about tonight’s State of the Union, but I’m sure with his communication and political skills he will be just fine. Let’s just hope that Joe Wilson can refrain from blurting out accusations in the middle of the speech!


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