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The Right’s Sudden Memory Loss

Posted in General, Politicians by politicalily on January 8, 2010

Former Speaker of the House  Newt Gingrich has written a book that is due out this spring titled “To Save America”. Really? When I read this title all I wanted to do was call up Mr.Gingrich and ask him, “Wasn’t it your cronies who put America in the position of needing to be saved?” Of course the only answer to that question is “Duh, yah!” The publisher, Regnery, said “ In “To Save America,” Gingrich argues that a decade of dishonesty from our leaders of both parties has created the greatest threat to our nation’s survival since the Civil War. He asserts that the federal government is broken, and we must be willing to “replace, not reform” our leaders and our policies. He also warns that the big-spending, big-government programs and bureaucracies of the Left are inimical to our survival as the greatest free and prosperous nation in history, and he lays out a bold plan that will restore our nation to its fundamental values. I’m sorry, but what a load of crap! ” A decade of dishonesty from our leaders of both parties” I would just like to gently remind him that it was his party that has been in control for 8 of the past nine years. He then goes on to criticize the ” big-spending, big government programs and bureaucracies of the Left”  that are preventing us from continuing to be the “greatest free and prosperous nation in history.”  The American people are looking for help. They want the government to help them out of the horrible situation President Bush left this noble nation in.They don’t want their government to step out-of-the-way and say “fend for yourselves.”  The American people elected a Democrat, someone from the Left, because they believed he had what it took to restore America to her place as thee greatest free and prosperous nation in history. They weren’t wrong. I also want to say to all the Republicans out there to think before they criticize. They all seem to have a very, very short-term memory and have forgotten the Bush-era quickly. If you are a member of the Republican party don’t be so quick to judge President Obama, after all he is still cleaning up after your party’s last president’s mess.


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