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The President’s State of the Union

Posted in Politicians, U.S political news by politicalily on January 28, 2010

WOW! Barack is back! The President was his usual exceptionaly eloquent self and displayed remarkable political skills. I believe last night’s State of the Union is probably the best speech President Obama has ever given. If you want to know more about the best features of the President’s speech simply replace every “The President needs to” with “The President did” in my previous post. If you haven’t heard the full address I highly suggest finding a video of it and watching that video. President Obama’s first State of the Union was genius and a work of art!

The President’s address was the perfect mix of offense and defense. He addressed issues, such as the Massachusetts election, that are of political importance today. He defended his policies and his party and artfully reminded the Republicans whose fault all of our economic woes really are. His speech will really resonate with “main street” America. The President showed all of us that he cares more about the middle class than the fat cats. He strayed away from vague messages of hope and change and supplied detailed examples of what we are going to do. The American people will respond well to these details. The President responded to attacks that he cares more about healthcare then the economy by focusing on the economy and spending a relatively small amount of time discussing health insurance reform. Though he didn’t make healthcare the focus of his speech he promised that he would not be giving up on reforming our healthcare system, this was an amazingly artful way to handle a controversial issue like healthcare. After doing some damage control the President switched to the offense. The President surprised many people by throughly discussing green technology,energy and jobs. This is a excellent move on his part because it appeals to many people. Green energy helps the environment and provides jobs, two things most Americans want to happen. He also discussed plans for Iraq and Afghanistan that appeal to members of both parties. The President discussed many, many other issues, but I would rather discuss the overall tone of his address. The President’s address will unite Democrats and appeal to Republicans. He scolded both parties for the bitter partisanship and pleaded for it to end. He reassured Democrats that he is not giving up and that neither should they. Plus, I’m sure all Democrat’s in attendance enjoyed the backhanded jabs at Former President Bush. Though the Presidents’s address was somewhat partisan he also made a, what I consider to be succesful, attempt at reaching out to Republicans. He discussed issues, such as TORT reform and off-shore drilling, that are generally favored by Republicans and opposed by the President’s party. The President’s address also appealed to me because of the expertly placed doses of humor. The President’s speech was like a perfectly prepared Julia Child recipe, it was made up of all the most perfect ingredients and the end result was absolutely delectable!


Lily’s State of the Union

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I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the State of the Union Address which will begin in a little over two hours, exciting! The political atmosphere is turbulent and what the President says has the possibility to calm it or simply stir it up. President Obama needs to  show the American people he is more than just an articulate speaker. The President must allow his skills in policy to overshadow his oratory skills. Americans know he can make a good speech, but they are growing wary of his ability to be a good president. The President needs to veer away from his hope and change message because people are beginning to view it as an empty promise. He needs to reassure main street that he is and will advocate for them. He needs to discuss job creation and lay out an exact and precise plan that will cause the unemployment rate to plummet. He must also present a plan that will greatly reduce the national debt without completely limiting the government’s capabilities. President Obama should also speak about his plan in Afghanistan as well as his plan to combat terrorism because these are areas in which he has had some success. If the President can show that he has done something significant that has benefited the country he will be rewarded with a slightly higher approval rating.  President Obama’s Sate of the Union needs to unite Democrats and it needs to have a bipartisan message that demonstrates a willingness to work with Republicans. If the President can make his speech artful and inspiring while laying out a detailed plan to solve every single one of the nations problems I’m sure everyone will have a positive reaction. Just Kidding! He should be artful and inspiring, but he only really needs to lay out a detailed plain to save the economy to receive a positive reaction. President Obama is more likely than not extremely nervous about tonight’s State of the Union, but I’m sure with his communication and political skills he will be just fine. Let’s just hope that Joe Wilson can refrain from blurting out accusations in the middle of the speech!

Change We Might Still Believe in, Maybe

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So Scott Brown won. It is not really that big of a deal. Sure Democrats no longer have a filibuster proof super majority, but they do have a majority in both houses, a Democratic President in office, and somewhat of a mandate from the people. The Democrats are still the ones in power. As for healthcare, I believe it will still pass. All President Obama has to do is get the House of Representatives to pass the Senate version and it could be on his desk by the end of the week. Of course Democrats in congress have shown that they are unorganized and fairly inefficient so it may take longer, but in theory it could work. Healthcare will still get passed because we have a determined President who will make it happen. Even if that is the only thing he accomplishes.

The voters of Massachusetts choose a Republican candidate because they are still looking for  change they can believe in. President Obama ran on a platform of change and so far things have pretty much stayed the same. Voters blame the party that is in power for all of the problems that our country is facing and rightly so. Democrats have shown that they may not be capable of getting us out of this mess and so voters have turned to the Republicans. Though I believe the American people are still wary of the GOP and have some confidence left in the left, though it is waning fast. Democrats need to take this election as a warning sign and get their act together. They have the power to transform our country right now because of their majority in congress, but if they don’t get something done and show the American people that they can solve the problems facing our nation, in November that power is going to be swept out from under their feet. President Obama if you think it is hard to get your party’s legislation through congress now, it is going to be impossible if you lose the majority. The Democrats will inevitably lose their majority if they keep up the status quo. The American People need some of that change they believed in.

A Sleepless Night for Democrats

Posted in Politicians, U.S political news by politicalily on January 18, 2010

Hopefully Democrats slept good last night because I can guarantee they wont tonight. With the election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat tomorrow I’m sure our President as well as every Democrat in the Senate have bitten their nails down to the quick . President Obama’s agenda depends on Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, winning tomorrow’s election. According to recent polls it looks as though it is going to be a very close race. A Suffolk University survey of three counties found Brown leading by double digits in all three. An ARG poll found Brown leading by seven percentage points, and a Research 2000 survey showed the race tie. Well it looks as though the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, is ahead, but in reality the race could go either way. If Brown wins the Democrats will loose their super majority and it will become even more difficult for the Democrats to push their legislation through congress. Coakley emphasized this by telling voters that a vote for her is a vote for President Obama and his extensive agenda which is popular throughout the state. The Coakley campaign has pulled out the big guns by bringing the President to Massachusetts to campaign across the state. President Obama also seems to have realized how crucial this election really is. The President stared in a last minute Coakley campaign ad featuring clips pulled from a rally. I have to say having the President of the United States in your camp is definitely an advantage.

The fate of the healthcare bill is in the hands of the voters of Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy, who previously held this Senate seat, was an outstanding advocate for healthcare reform and would of done everything in his power to make it happen. If I was a voter in Massachusetts going to the polls tomorrow I would keep in mind whose seat we are filling. Without a super majority in the Senate healthcare reform is more than likely going to fail. Choosing a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat when Healthcare reform depends on a Democrat occupying his seat seems disrespectful to his legacy. Either way this election is going to have huge implications for both parties. If you have any Democratic friends be nice to them tommorow because I’m sure they are going to be exhausted!

Reluctant Advice for a Reigning Right

Posted in General by politicalily on January 17, 2010

I think my views on what the Republicans would need to do to win in 2012 would make for an interesting post, however if you are a Republican please do not heed the following advice because I would like to see President Obama serve a second term. The key word for Republicans is “Moderate.” It is essential for them to produce an exceedingly moderate candidate. Someone who doesn’t remind voters of George W. Bush and who has the “fresh-faced” image of Barack Obama. They need a Washington outsider who really brings back the image of a “Grand Old Party.” What they don’t need is an old, rich, balding white guy with a grand sized waist band. Hear that Rush Limbaugh, it is crucial for the success of you party that you not become the face of the Republican Party.

One of my few Republican friends recently made the remark that they would like to see a Huckabee/Palin ticket in 2012. I believe this would be a great ticket seeing as I want President Obama to be elected to a second term. If Republicans choose a Huckabee/Palin ticket President Obama will surely be re-elected. Both Huckabee and Palin are at the Fox News Chanel and that is were they should stay. Sure your hardcore Republicans are fans of them, but neither would classify as moderate. Throughout the 2008 election Sarah Palin demonstrated to the American people that she was in no way fit to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency and I doubt that will change by 2012. Sarah Palin is a PTA Mom who has gotten out of control not a serious presidential contender.

The GOP needs a whole new batch of presidential hopefuls. Many people have predicted that Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, could be the Republican’s Barack Obama and lead them to victory. I would have to say that while Bobby Jindal does have a fresh-faced vibe and seems change-y he is not the only one. I think that Senator Olympia Snowe could be a possible GOP presidential Candidate. Senator Snowe would appeal to many voters because she is not a member of the “Good ol’ Boys Club,” and that represents change. Senator Snowe has also demonstrated that she is willingly to compromise with Democrats when she voted to get healthcare reform out of committee. She is both moderate and represents a change. GOP looks like you have found your 2012 presidential candidate now you just need to find a new V.P vetting team because they didn’t do so swell choosing the “pit-bull with lipstick.”


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Hey readers! Don’t forget to check out the new page, REALLY?!?! This page features those political moments that just make you want to yell,”Really?” I think it is the perfect mix of humor and exposing people for what they are. Make sure to stop by!

A Harry Situation

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If you haven’t heard about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s so-called “racist” comments you must have suffered a power outage that restricted your television, computer, and radio usage. If you have just regained power and rushed to read my blog, first of all, thank you, but more importantly here is a recap of today’s headlining event. In the new book “Game Change” Reid is quoted as saying Obama could succeed as a black candidate in part because of his light-skinned appearance… and speaking without a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Many Republicans believe this portrays Reid as a racist and have called for him to step down as Senate Majority Leader. In response to the outcry of disapproval Reid called many promenient African-Americans, including the President, and apologized for his comment. I do not believe Reid’s comment is even the slightest bit racist. There is clearly no malicious intent and Reid is showing support for the black candidate, Barack Obama, not trying to demean him. Reid’s voting record also shows that he has been supportive of civil rights and is in no way a closet racist as some in Washington may be. His comment is in no way racist, though he could have worded it better.

Inevitably, the Republicans have grabbed a hold of this new found “scandal” and absolutely refuse to let go. I imagine every right-wing politician, especially those running for senate seats in the 2010 election, feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Causing a commotion over Reid’s comment will greatly benefit Republicans. Drawing attention to Reid’s comment is like pouring salt in the Democrat’s wounds. The Republicans know that the Democrats face a tough election in 2010 and by shrouding the head Senate Democrat in controversy they are just kicking them while they are down. The Republican’s also know that by ushering this to the political forefront they have found the President’s achillies heel. President Obama has been reluctant to discuss race even as candidate Obama, but this has forced him to respond. I belive this could be a move by the Republicans to counter President Obama’s graceful response to the Christmas Day terror attacks that has his approval ratings on the rise, a slight rise, but any ascension is good. President Obama will have  to make a response and that could be a tricky situation because we all now race is a sticky issue. While this may be a smart move on the Republicans part I think it is petty and a low blow. The Republicans are being huge hypocrites and they know it.

As for the Republican’s call for Reid to resign, not going to happen. Reid shouldn’t step-down because the democrats, the ones he leads, are behind him. Sure he is probably going to lose his Senate seat, and therefore his position as Senate Majority Leader, but he shouldn’t step-down. Reid should keep going and not give up, unlike our good friend Sarah Palin who quit her job as Governor of Alaska, don’t even get me started on that!

The Right’s Sudden Memory Loss

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Former Speaker of the House  Newt Gingrich has written a book that is due out this spring titled “To Save America”. Really? When I read this title all I wanted to do was call up Mr.Gingrich and ask him, “Wasn’t it your cronies who put America in the position of needing to be saved?” Of course the only answer to that question is “Duh, yah!” The publisher, Regnery, said “ In “To Save America,” Gingrich argues that a decade of dishonesty from our leaders of both parties has created the greatest threat to our nation’s survival since the Civil War. He asserts that the federal government is broken, and we must be willing to “replace, not reform” our leaders and our policies. He also warns that the big-spending, big-government programs and bureaucracies of the Left are inimical to our survival as the greatest free and prosperous nation in history, and he lays out a bold plan that will restore our nation to its fundamental values. I’m sorry, but what a load of crap! ” A decade of dishonesty from our leaders of both parties” I would just like to gently remind him that it was his party that has been in control for 8 of the past nine years. He then goes on to criticize the ” big-spending, big government programs and bureaucracies of the Left”  that are preventing us from continuing to be the “greatest free and prosperous nation in history.”  The American people are looking for help. They want the government to help them out of the horrible situation President Bush left this noble nation in.They don’t want their government to step out-of-the-way and say “fend for yourselves.”  The American people elected a Democrat, someone from the Left, because they believed he had what it took to restore America to her place as thee greatest free and prosperous nation in history. They weren’t wrong. I also want to say to all the Republicans out there to think before they criticize. They all seem to have a very, very short-term memory and have forgotten the Bush-era quickly. If you are a member of the Republican party don’t be so quick to judge President Obama, after all he is still cleaning up after your party’s last president’s mess.

Our Humble President

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Yesterday I, like may others, listened to President Obama’s speech regarding the failed Christmas Day terror attack. I thought it was an excellently written and well delivered speech, but that is what we’ve come to expect from our exceptionally eloquent president. I have been thinking about what he said and about what fragments of his 12 minute address I wanted to address. I’ve decided I wanted to write about his willingness to admit the mistakes that the government made. This attack is nothing compared to September, 11th, but I don’t remember President  Bush acknowledging that he was even somewhat at fault.. The President’s remark” Ultimately the buck stops with me” really hit home. A leader will be blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong whether or not it was actually their fault. President Obama took full responsibility for letting this happen even though there probably wasn’t much he personally could have done to prevent it. That takes courage and is quite honorable. And rather than saying that the system still worked fine he admitted things had gone wrong and that mistakes had been made at all levels. He said yes we made mistakes,but we will learn from those mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is the best thing that anyone can do and I am glad we have a leader who is willing to do just that.