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2009 My top 2

Posted in General by politicalily on December 31, 2009

As 2009  comes to a close I figured I should do my own year in review post. I have come up with my two favorite events that took place in the crazy world that is politics. These two events are not big issues or really even that big of a deal, but they are my personal favorite.

Number 1) President Barack Obama’s response to the jerk that is Kanye West

First, lets review. During Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for an award at the VMAs Kanye West burst on stage and snatched the microphone, the whole nation was appalled. When President Obama was asked about the incidence he called Kanye a jackass. President Obama didn’t know the tape was still rolling and caught his answer. I’m sure he was worried that the American people wouldn’t approve, but they didn’t seem to mind. President Obama had vocalized what the whole nation was thinking. While you may not think this is of huge importance I have to disagree. I think it is great we have a President who is up on pop culture and makes those sort of remarks.I also believe there is a sort of novelty factor that makes this event particularly fun. When I first heard President Obama’s reaction I couldn’t help but giggle. President Barack Obama is no jackass.

Number 2) Sarah Palin Resigns

This event is certainly not as silly as the previous, but was rather a silly move on former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s part. The reason that this event has made my favorites list is kind of petty. I have a severe disliking for Palin. Her whole set of beliefs rub me the wrong way and could she tone the pep down a notch? When she stepped down as Governor of Alaska I believe it ruined any chance of her ever becoming President of the United States. And that makes me absolutely giddy!

So there is my end of the year wrap-up. This is definitely not my most serious or hard-hitting post, but I like it. It is New Years Eve and we all deserve to be a bit silly!


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