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Terror in the Skies

Posted in U.S political news, World Political news by politicalily on December 28, 2009

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day ,it’s all the news channels are talking about. I know this has huge implications for airport security. Not only is the attack frightening, now you’re going to have to be even earlier to the airport, ugh! This is not what i’m worried about,  i’m focused on the political implications of this attack.

The question I had to ask myself was whether this has any effect on U.S politics. At first glance I thought not, but now i’m  not sure. First, This is a chance for President Obama to improve his popularity ratings or it could be the nail in his political coffin. After the September 11th attacks President Bush’s popularity rating was at 92%, wow! By no means does this attempted attack compare to September 11th, but if President Obama can handle it effectively and make the American public feel secure he will start to win back their support. If President Obama makes a mess of this or, in the minds of the American people, doesn’t do enough to take care of this problem they will continue to doubt him.Second, this shows that terrorism and terrorist groups are still alive and kicking. This demonstrates to the American people and the rest of the world that the war on terror is not over. However, one could argue that we will never win the war against terrorism and that it is simply a black hole sucking up American resources, as well as, American lives. I would have to disagree with those people. By fighting the war against terrorism, specifically in Afghanistan, we are showing terrorist that the United States is willing to fight for freedom and our saftey. Staying in the Middle East we are demonstrating to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that we will do anything to protect American security. We will make known to them that we aren’t going down without a fight. To me that sounds like a classic example of the American spirit, and who doesn’t love patriotism.


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