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Our Prize Winning President

Posted in Politicians, U.S political news by politicalily on December 22, 2009

I know President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is old news, but I can’t help wanting my chance to weigh in. Most people think that he didn’t deserve it. Even most Obama supporters I know think it is too early to judge him, but I disagree. President Obama changed the way the world views America and the way America deals with the rest of the world. President Obama took Bush’s ” your either with us or against us” stance and turned it around. He apologized for America’s “holier than thou” attitude and vowed to give the world a friendlier America.This is what President Obama gave the world . He made a commitment to start using words instead of fists and we became a more diplomatic country. President Obama promised, and has started to work on, a more peaceful United States and in turn a more peaceful world. I believe that is most certainly worth recognition. And a Nobel Peace Prize.


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