Politically Speaking, My Views on the Left the Right and Everywhere in Between

Welcome to Politically Speaking!

Posted in Lily's Road to the White House, message to readers by politicalily on December 20, 2009

Hi I’m Lily Nellans and however you happened upon this blog, today is your lucky day! First, let me tell you a little bit about myself; one day I am going to be President. I know a lot of kids say that, but this one really means it! I have a passion for all things politics that can’t compare! This blog is the first step in what I call “Lily’s Road to the White House.” I figure I have to start somewhere and spewing my views on the most current political news stories seems like an okay place to start. This should be fun for me and for you, my readers. I can’t promise I wont be biased or a little opinionated, but I can promise that I will try to keep an open mind. On that note, LETS START BLOGGING!!!


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