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2009 My top 2

Posted in General by politicalily on December 31, 2009

As 2009  comes to a close I figured I should do my own year in review post. I have come up with my two favorite events that took place in the crazy world that is politics. These two events are not big issues or really even that big of a deal, but they are my personal favorite.

Number 1) President Barack Obama’s response to the jerk that is Kanye West

First, lets review. During Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for an award at the VMAs Kanye West burst on stage and snatched the microphone, the whole nation was appalled. When President Obama was asked about the incidence he called Kanye a jackass. President Obama didn’t know the tape was still rolling and caught his answer. I’m sure he was worried that the American people wouldn’t approve, but they didn’t seem to mind. President Obama had vocalized what the whole nation was thinking. While you may not think this is of huge importance I have to disagree. I think it is great we have a President who is up on pop culture and makes those sort of remarks.I also believe there is a sort of novelty factor that makes this event particularly fun. When I first heard President Obama’s reaction I couldn’t help but giggle. President Barack Obama is no jackass.

Number 2) Sarah Palin Resigns

This event is certainly not as silly as the previous, but was rather a silly move on former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s part. The reason that this event has made my favorites list is kind of petty. I have a severe disliking for Palin. Her whole set of beliefs rub me the wrong way and could she tone the pep down a notch? When she stepped down as Governor of Alaska I believe it ruined any chance of her ever becoming President of the United States. And that makes me absolutely giddy!

So there is my end of the year wrap-up. This is definitely not my most serious or hard-hitting post, but I like it. It is New Years Eve and we all deserve to be a bit silly!


Terror in the Skies

Posted in U.S political news, World Political news by politicalily on December 28, 2009

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day ,it’s all the news channels are talking about. I know this has huge implications for airport security. Not only is the attack frightening, now you’re going to have to be even earlier to the airport, ugh! This is not what i’m worried about,  i’m focused on the political implications of this attack.

The question I had to ask myself was whether this has any effect on U.S politics. At first glance I thought not, but now i’m  not sure. First, This is a chance for President Obama to improve his popularity ratings or it could be the nail in his political coffin. After the September 11th attacks President Bush’s popularity rating was at 92%, wow! By no means does this attempted attack compare to September 11th, but if President Obama can handle it effectively and make the American public feel secure he will start to win back their support. If President Obama makes a mess of this or, in the minds of the American people, doesn’t do enough to take care of this problem they will continue to doubt him.Second, this shows that terrorism and terrorist groups are still alive and kicking. This demonstrates to the American people and the rest of the world that the war on terror is not over. However, one could argue that we will never win the war against terrorism and that it is simply a black hole sucking up American resources, as well as, American lives. I would have to disagree with those people. By fighting the war against terrorism, specifically in Afghanistan, we are showing terrorist that the United States is willing to fight for freedom and our saftey. Staying in the Middle East we are demonstrating to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that we will do anything to protect American security. We will make known to them that we aren’t going down without a fight. To me that sounds like a classic example of the American spirit, and who doesn’t love patriotism.

Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild. . .

Posted in General, Lily's Road to the White House by politicalily on December 25, 2009

Today is Christmas day  so I’ll keep it brief, peace. One of the main messages that appears around Christmas time is Peace on Earth. I think this is a message that people of every faith should keep in mind all year round! From the war in Afghanistan to the bitter partisanship on Capitol Hill, peace and love are something everyone could work on. So as you get back to business after the holidays keep in mind the messages of Christmas, peace and love for all the earth!

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Senate Passes Healthcare…Finally!

Posted in General, Uncategorized by politicalily on December 24, 2009

It has been a long journey and I highly doubt it is over, but lets not focus on that. It’s Christmas Eve so lets celebrate! It took a long time and pulled senators away from their families and drug them through feet of snow, but the Senate finally approved the healthcare bill. It’s the best Christmas present our country could imagine, any step towards healthcare is fabulous. Merry Christmas to all and to all good healthcare coverage!

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Debating Afghansitan

Posted in Issues, U.S political news by politicalily on December 22, 2009

Recently President Obama announced he would send 30,00 troops to Afghanistan. I want to give a shout out to debate. The topic we are currently debating is the troop increase in Afghanistan. Debate is exponentially fun and teaches great life skills. I assure you the abilities you learn in Debate come in very handy almost everyday. Debate is without a doubt the best sport. Yes, debate is a sport.

Okay, enough about debate lets get back to Afghanistan. I am generally against war, but in this case I believe a troop increase is the best and only option. We obviously cannot keep the status quo as it is doing us no good and a troop withdrawl would be devastating. The only option left is too increase troops and that is what we are doing. We need to stop focusing our attention on wiping out the Taliban and Al Qaeda because they will simply go elsewhere and attack us from there. We need to put our money and manpower into helping the Afghani people become self sufficient. Once that happens people will stop turning to the Taliban for a good paying job. I think there needs to be five goals 1) Build hospitals and supply medical facilities 2)Build schools and improve the education system 3) Pave roads 4) Provide  farmers with  alternatives to growing poppies 5) Supply rural villages with electricity and water.

I think we need to especially focus on goal number 3, paving roads. If we pave the roads not only will it make delivering aid to villages easier, it will make the danger of IEDs moot. Think about it, you can’t plant an explosive in cement. Paving roads would save many civilian and American lives. Even Vice President Joe Biden agrees with me. When he was still only the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Biden stated “More troops are needed in Afghanistan,” he called for greater focus on basics like roads and power plus giving the military cash for quick projects like digging wells. Maybe my ideas aren’t so crazy. After all, the Vice President of the United States agrees with me. If we increase aid and focus our manpower on improving the lives of the people of Afghanistan I believe we can once and for all conquer terrorism in the region.

Finally, I want to address the political implications of President Obama’s decision. Barack Obama is one smart cookie! If you read my blog on compromise you’ll know I advise it. Well, Obama took my advice and compromised. He gave the Republicans a troop increase, but not as many as they wanted. And to the Democrats he gave a timeline, but said if necessary he would keep the troops there for longer. By combining the best of both party’s ideas he gave his country a plan we could all agree on. 58% of Democrats approve of his plan and so do 55% of Republicans. I applaud President Obama for reaching across the aisle and making a decision that makes everyone happy. President Obama’s plan is beautiful in terms of the political ramifications and will get the job done!

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Our Prize Winning President

Posted in Politicians, U.S political news by politicalily on December 22, 2009

I know President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is old news, but I can’t help wanting my chance to weigh in. Most people think that he didn’t deserve it. Even most Obama supporters I know think it is too early to judge him, but I disagree. President Obama changed the way the world views America and the way America deals with the rest of the world. President Obama took Bush’s ” your either with us or against us” stance and turned it around. He apologized for America’s “holier than thou” attitude and vowed to give the world a friendlier America.This is what President Obama gave the world . He made a commitment to start using words instead of fists and we became a more diplomatic country. President Obama promised, and has started to work on, a more peaceful United States and in turn a more peaceful world. I believe that is most certainly worth recognition. And a Nobel Peace Prize.

Compromise is the Name of the Game

Posted in General, Issues by politicalily on December 22, 2009

With the healthcare bill working its way through the Senate there has been a whole lot of compromising going on and I think that is absolutely wonderful! Democrats will say that they are right and Republicans will say they are the ones that know the answer. In the end both parties are right. Democrats are right in the sense that they are right for helping people and accomplishing their party’s goals and Republicans are right in the sense that they are right for helping businesses and accomplishing the goals of their party. Everyone is right!

Of course, you aren’t going to get Democrats to admit that Republicans are right and Vice-Versa, but that doesn’t really matter as long as there is some bipartisan action going on. Democrats have had to give up certain things, such as the public option, to pass healthcare and many compromises have had to be made in order to sway congressmen to vote yea. Maybe this is a good thing. When compromises are made between the parties regarding healthcare or any other issues the American People are the ones who win. All of America is neither Left nor Right, most Americans would place themselves somewhere in the middle. When a bill is passed or a decision made that has both Republican and Democratic input it is more likely to suit the entire nation. When you combine Democrats looking out for people and Republicans looking out for business everyone has someone looking out for them. When compromises are made everyone gets something and everybody is happy. That is why compromise should always be the name of the game, at least in policy making!

Healthcare is Hurting my Mental Health!

Posted in Issues, U.S political news by politicalily on December 21, 2009

Whew! Thank God it is almost over! Once the healthcare bill is passed I believe everyone will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Wherever you stand on healthcare you’ve got to admit this has been one long and confusing process. I usually don’t have much of a problem understanding key issues, but I can’t lie healthcare has got me confuzzled. I strongly believe in universal healthcare, but I just don’t know if this bill is strong enough to accomplish that.

When President Obama was Candidate Obama his plan for healthcare sounded great! I’m not sure that it still does. He promised a public option, an expansion of medicare, and universal coverage. None of those things are present in the bill that is currently close to being passed in the Senate. The Democrats gave up the public option, I was very sad to see it go. I think that healthcare and health insurance should be a right. No person should suffer because they cannot afford medical help. I also don’t think companies should be able to capitalize on people’s health,the sky-high prices insurance companies charge should be criminal. The way that insurance companies treat their customers is appalling! Republicans have said that it will destroy the insurance industry if we have a government run public option, actually that isn’t so.

Lets take a second and think about the college industry. There are public colleges and there are private colleges. Just because there are public colleges doesn’t mean that private colleges are going out of business, far from it! Now lets revert back to the health insurance industry. Imagine if the government sold healthcare whose main goal was not to make a profit, but to insure as many Americans as possible. This would force the insurance industry to straighten up, charge reasonable rates, and treat their customers right. Would that really be so bad?

The Democrats have had to give up a lot for this bill to pass, and honestly I don’t understand why. With a majority in both houses and a Democratic president in office you would think the Democrats could push the healthcare bill through quickly with a public option and all, but a few sticklers have ruined it for everyone. President Obama has given up a lot to pass healthcare and the current bill is unrecognizable compared to the bill that was first introduced in the House. Honestly, I don’t blame those who want to kill the bill and start over. Just because Democrats have persuaded Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson to break the filibuster and pass the bill doesn’t mean healthcare is home free. The House version will have to be reconciled with the Senate version in conference committee and go back to both houses for another vote. Who knows how long it will take the current healthcare bill to be passed and how watered down it will be when it is, but the one thing I can be sure of is that any step towards healthcare coverage for all is a good one!

Welcome to Politically Speaking!

Posted in Lily's Road to the White House, message to readers by politicalily on December 20, 2009

Hi I’m Lily Nellans and however you happened upon this blog, today is your lucky day! First, let me tell you a little bit about myself; one day I am going to be President. I know a lot of kids say that, but this one really means it! I have a passion for all things politics that can’t compare! This blog is the first step in what I call “Lily’s Road to the White House.” I figure I have to start somewhere and spewing my views on the most current political news stories seems like an okay place to start. This should be fun for me and for you, my readers. I can’t promise I wont be biased or a little opinionated, but I can promise that I will try to keep an open mind. On that note, LETS START BLOGGING!!!